The possible political situations in Austerlitz are many and varied. Alliances can be formed and broken, trade relationships established then cut off to your advantage. You may close your borders and become neutral and war can be declared when the situation suits you.

You may form alliances with any nation or group of nations and war against all those empires which oppose you. Shifting your favour and employing a fifth column strategy can result in great gains for your empire, or bring down the destructive might of your previous allies.

War in the colonies will often flare up within a single month, while in the subtler political area of Europe it takes longer to crush your enemy’s, or backstab your friends…

You also have five spies at your disposal for covert political activity, to check on the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy’s and their allies or the faith and integrity of your friends. Spies are often more effective than your armies and can thwart an impending invasion with good intelligence or save troops from utter devastation.