New Game Winners!


Au231 has finished.  The game ends on June 1816 after 385 battles.  The winners are - 


Austria Hungary - Shaun Martin

Morocco - Helge Neef

Russia - Dirk Pullmann


A 9th win for Helge gets promotion to Major General on the player's Leaderboard.  There is also a promotion to Brigadier for Dirk with his 5th win and this was win number 2 for Shaun.


Au325 has finished.  The game ends on June 1811 after 192 battles.  The winners are - 


France - Trevor Davies

Ottoman Empire - Markus Reichhart

Duchy of Warsaw - Manfred Moza


Manfred has now clocked up a very impressive 17 game wins and gets promotion to rank of Field Marshall on the player's Leaderboard.  This was a 3rd win for Trevor and win number 2 for Markus.


Congratulations to all game winners.