Supersonic Games are moving.  From Friday 6th July 2012 our postal address will change to

22 Meadowside Road, Galston, Ayrshire, KA4 8BQ.

All telephone/fax numbers and email addresses will stay the same but we will close between Friday 6th July to Monday 16th July to cover the move.




We are pleased to announce that a new spreadsheet turn calculator has been designed by Chris Matthews and this is now available to download from

It allows an emperor to play with builds and finances without all the number crunching and human error, a change of mind is as difficult as pressing a button. Other features include;


Economics - estimates food production and displays trend on a graph (helps stop starvation), highlights raw material shortcomings for producing EcPts and Textiles. Also has a wine usage graph for those drunken sailors.

Colour Map generation - compares the all nations population, population density (for selecting that rich country to invade) and lists all the production sites. Colour terrain maps are also included to help plot invasions.

Trade - estimates revenue from sales and costs from purchasing.

Army - as well as automatic build/trainingand headcount raise calculations it lists federation troop

types (for organising), highlights troops that are not trained, highlights troops that are elite (over EF)

Navy - as well as the building and repair calculations it lists all fleets with their ship make-up and loading capacities


Barracks - automatically sums cash and economic point transfers to the relevant barracks for all actions.


Email Game Prices

The restructuring of the email game prices has been discussed on our forums lately and our ideas put forward have received excellent feedback.  We have altered the prices of all email games to the following-

£4.00 per turn - Great Britain and Russia

£3.50 per turn - Austria Hungary, Spain and France

£3.25 per turn - Prussia and Ottoman Empire

£3.00 per turn - Holland, Kingdom of Portugal and Morocco


£2.50 per turn - Sweden and Duchy of Warsaw


£2.00 per turn - Confederation of the Rhine, Denmark, Italy and Naples

Please note these costs will only relate to new games starting after Monday 22nd August 2005.  Any games running before this will remain at the same price as before.

This is a trial basis and we can alter any position that seems too high or too low in the future if need be.

You can check out the Available Game Positions link for positions free in new games.

Best wishes,